Pargo Pickup Point protocol to follow for uncollected parcels

Pargo typically stores parcels safely for up to 8 days, but what happens if a customer didn’t collect their parcel? Non-collection can happen for many reasons ー the recipient is out of town and unable to collect their parcel, or they lost their cellphone and do not receive the SMS and email notifications, or the recipient changed their mind about the order, etc.

Parcels are tracked by completing a weekly stocktake using the Pargo app. This helps to manage parcels in-store while also helping us to keep track of the overall parcel count. Although most parcels are typically stored for 8 days, some suppliers have arranged for longer storage time which is why it’s important to double-check storage duration.

Pargo stores parcels safely at our respective pickup points, however, if parcels are not claimed within 8 days of delivery to the pickup point, the returns process is initiated. This means that parcels are collected again by Pargo couriers, sent back to the supplier and the supplier will then refund the purchase price to the customer.

How to use the Courier Collection function on the Pargo App

We rely on our pickup points to help return non-collected parcels to the supplier. Here’s a short refresher on how to use the courier collection function on the Pargo app.

  • When a courier visits your store to pick up an uncollected parcel, click on “Courier Collection” on the Pargo app.
  • Next, click on the relevant courier to find the list of parcels they’re looking for and then collect them from your store’s storage area.
  • Before you hand over the parcel to the courier, make sure you scan out each parcel using the Pargo device scanner.
  • Remember to scan the correct barcode on the waybill before continuing to the next step.
  • If the scanner doesn’t work, you can manually enter the waybill number.
  • If you are still experiencing difficulties, try using the desktop version.
  • Once you’ve scanned out all the parcels, press “done” to complete the courier collection process.
  • You can then hand over the parcel to the courier and send them on their way.
  • Pargo Pickup Point protocols:

    All Pargo Pickup Points receive, store and release parcels set out in our Terms & Conditions.

    Please report any suspicious activity with regards to Pargo parcels to our support team.

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