Case Study: How Pargo reduced The Unlimited’s delivery costs by 70%

How Pargo worked with The Unlimited to create an innovative, customized distribution service to offer The Unlimited customers a seamless journey at a cost-effective rate!



Living in a mobile world where consumers are in constant need to be and stay connected, insurance company The Unlimited offers their customers a value-added SIM service that enables easy mobile connectivity at low rates.

While The Unlimited primarily offers insurance products, becoming a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), who resells wireless communications services, was considered a great way to incentivize customers.

The Unlimited approached Pargo to create a simple distribution model to increase collection rates while decreasing cost. The Unlimited needed an innovative delivery solution that Pargo was able to provide. The two companies worked together to develop Instant Click and Collect!


What is Instant Click and Collect


Instant Click and Collect is a delivery service that allows customers to collect their goods at a Pargo Pick-up Point immediately after ordering. Together with their client, Pargo pre-packs and pre-stocks the generic goods in bulk, and has them shipped across the network of Pargo Pick-Up Points. The products are instantly available for collection when a sale is made.

The consumer receives a unique One-Time PIN (OTP) from Pargo immediately after processing their order online. The pin is used to collect the order. Currently, this service is designed to work with non-personalised commodity items such as SIM cards and magazines.  

The Problem


Originally, The Unlimited used traditional couriers to deliver the SIM cards to the consumer’s home or work. These methods were costly and time-consuming. A large part of their customers couldn’t be reached. They were either not at home or lived in inaccessible areas couriers couldn’t deliver to.

The Unlimited needed a solution to increase successful delivery rates, reduce costs and get SIM’s to customers quicker.  

The Results


A customer-centric solution was developed, speeding up the collection process and resulting in higher collection rates. In the process, the delivery cost was reduced by up to 70% and so was the operational involvement from The Unlimited staff.

250 000 SIM cards have successfully been distributed within the first two months following the launch. The Unlimited managed to increase their SIM card activation rate by 6%!

Pargo’s collaborative partnership with The Unlimited produced a solution unique to customer needs with their customized client communication process. The collaboration enhanced the customer’s journey, and the end-goal was a complete success in offering access and convenience at cost-effective rates. In addition to this, full customer support is incorporated in the service.

Pargo continues to work with The Unlimited on developing the next set of solutions to create an improved customer experience for their consumers.

For more information on how Pargo can offer you a customized business solution, visit our business page here.

The partnership with Pargo enables instantaneous collection of SIM cards at Pargo Pick-up Points.

  1. The Unlimited does delivery of SIM cards to selected Pargo Pick-up Points. Consolidated parcels i.e. SIM cards are packaged in a box and delivered to selected Pick-up Points.
  2. The Unlimited confirms SIM card collection with its customer.
  3. The Unlimited customers receive an SMS and Email sent from Pargo with collection details and a OTP (One-time PIN).
  4. Customers will walk into their selected Pargo Pick-up Point and provide the OTP to the store staff at the Pargo counter and receive their SIM card.
  5. The Unlimited will follow their own customer/SIM activation process.
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