Pargo Gold: Is The Customer Really Always Right?

Ever wondered how we maintain an average 4.8 out of 5 customer experience rating on Google? Stellar customer service of course! Something our Partner Manager, Adrian Johannes, knows plenty about. For our next round of Pargo Gold Adrian shares one of his many first-hand experiences of Pargo’s core value — prioritise customers.

“The value I am touching on today is Prioritise Customers. We all know the saying, the customer is always right, well, the customer is certainly NOT always right, but they must always feel heard.

I want to tell you all about an experience I had with a customer a while back. As most of you know my role is making sure the parcels are collected from the suppliers on time. In this instance, a collection was booked by the supplier, which was collected on the same day that it was booked, however, the supplier had over-promised the customer and had advised the customer that the collection would take place within three days. The parcel had to be delivered to a regional area and this area, in particular, is only serviced every Friday.

When the supplier queried the delivery, I had suggested that I would contact the customer and explain why there will be a delay. When contacting the customer, as expected, the customer was not happy at all because she needed the parcel for an event that was taking place the coming Saturday.

When I checked the tracking information on Friday, I discovered that the parcel had still not moved. When I followed up with the couriers, they advised that the parcel was not given to the driver for delivery that day. I thought, “oh no, what am I going to tell the customer now?” So I mustered up the courage and called the customer to explain the situation, or at least try to explain, while she obviously gave me an earful.

I then gave the customer my contact number and advised her that I will arrange for the parcel to be delivered directly where the event was held instead of her having to drive to the store to collect it. We communicated via WhatsApp. I constantly checked with the courier to determine how far the driver was and I kept the customer updated accordingly.

Finally, after about an hour, the messages had stopped. I became anxious and wanted to get confirmation of the delivery. Soon afterwards, I received a picture of a black and yellow Pargo bag sitting comfortably on a table and a message containing a big smiley emoji from the customer.

Even though the supplier had over-promised the customer regarding the delivery time, Pargo managed to keep the customer happy by prioritising their needs.

Thank you!

Adrian Johannes”

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Just received my parcel, can’t wait to use my product. #FIRST TIME CUSTOMER. I appreciate your service Pargo.

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This was my first order and the experience was great. Their service is fast and exceptional. Safe and legit. Their charge rates are worth it, no regrets!

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I love everything about bash, shopping was easy and efficient.the stuff was friendly [See More]