“Smart Logistics Make South African Ecommerce Accessible To All”

Ordering online should be as simple as clicking through a checkout page of an ecommerce site, but as we know, waiting on delivery can flip the convenience of online shopping into a logistical nightmare.

Even if a courier informs you that delivery will take place on a specific day, figuring out when it will actually take place generally feels impossible. So, you hit pause on your day, wait on delivery and just when you think it’s ok to slip out for an errand, you get the ill-timed delivery text — your courier is outside. And that’s just if you live in the city.

For those living in townships, smaller towns, villages and rural areas, online shopping comes with even more potential frustrations. Informal housing, inconclusive addresses and poor infrastructure characterise these environments and excludes a large portion of the population from affordable access to the wealth of goods available online. Read more.