Pargo Leads The Way To A Sustainable South African Logistics Industry

Stroll down any street in South Africa and you’ll find them in every corner, clinging to trees, spreading across fences and filling up gutters. They are plastic bags and they are here to stay — but not if Pargo, South Africa’s leading smart logistics company, has their way. Pargo is taking a firm stand against plastic by introducing new environmentally-friendly paper packaging to last-mile delivery and is inviting you to join them. This new range of packaging promises to offer the same quality, durability, and security consumers and retailers have come to expect from the industry disruptors but with the added benefit of leaving minimal impact on the environment. By demonstrating that order fulfilment strategies can be environmentally sustainable, Pargo aims to inspire green thinking and permanent change in the logistics industry. There is no denying it, single-use plastics are not sustainable. Besides being an eyesore, plastic packaging clog sewers, fill streams, threaten wildlife and the majority end up suffocating our oceans, prompting a worldwide outcry. In 2019, a United Nations resolution was signed by 170 countries pledging to reduce plastic consumption by 2030 with some signatories like Kenya already banning single-use plastic carrier bags altogether. This sentiment is shared among many South African consumers who are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and dissatisfied with plastic serving as the default material in packaging. According to a recent survey conducted by Pargo, over 90% of South African consumers prefer paper packaging over plastic — signalling the need for a mass intervention. In South Africa alone, over 8 billion plastic bags get discarded every year. Sadly, the logistics industry also contributes to this mass wastefulness by using plastic mailing bags to ship their products, but, as Pargo aims to prove through their paper packaging alternatives, they don’t have to. “While most single-use plastic items are only used for a few minutes, they outlive their users by hundreds of years. As industry disruptors in the logistics field, Pargo is in the privileged position to address this pressing concern, set new sustainability standards for the industry and inspire others in the process. The positive response from customers and retail partners has been overwhelming so far,” says Michaela Gabriel, Head of Marketing at Pargo, the driving force behind Pargo’s transition to eco-friendly packaging. Pargo has spent over a year developing and piloting their new sustainable paper packaging range, including mailing bags, C4 envelopes and packaging tape, to ensure each is as tough, tamperproof and trusted as their plastic counterparts. Due to the lack of locally manufactured sustainable packaging options for the logistics industry, their new mailing bag had to be purposefully developed with fellow eco-warrior and leading local packaging company, Detpak. Made from the same wet strength paper used in the cement bag industry, the bag achieves superior tensile strength and water resistance. The logistics company highlights working with South African manufacturers as pivotal to the development process because it allows them to further save on energy, lower greenhouse gas emissions and benefit local economies along the way. The result is a durable range of fully biodegradable packaging made locally from sustainably sourced recycled paper. Mr Price, Loot.co.za and Wellness Warehouse are some of Pargo’s many retail partners who have eagerly welcomed the logistics company’s sustainable packaging for their last-mile deliveries. “As a strong supporter of sustainable businesses practices, we were delighted to hear about Pargo’s new eco-friendly packaging. This decision will ensure that the distribution of our products to Pargo pickup points across the country will be done with minimal environmental impact,” says Michele Hughes, Online Store Manager at Wellness Warehouse. By adding sustainable paper packaging to their product offering, Pargo hopes to change the environmental impact of the logistics industry forever. As a key enabler of Ecommerce growth in Africa, it is their mission to create access for anybody in Africa without leaving anyone or anything behind. If you would like to bring sustainability to the last-mile leg of your fulfilment strategy, visit Pargo’s website. Should you need any further information, please contact: Pargo sustainability@pargo.co.za 021 447 3636 Reposted from Forbes Africa, February/March 2021
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