Why Parents Applaud Online Shopping: 5 Reasons That Will Make You Smile

Parents are notoriously under time constraints and searching for the twenty-fifth hour of the day to complete all their errands. This has forced most parents to become very efficient multi-taskers. So it’s no surprise that a recent survey shows that 50% of the parents surveyed agreed that they couldn’t live without online shopping, naming convenience as their biggest motivation for buying online. Online shopping is a lifesaver for parents on the go, so we drilled down deeper to understand what factors influence parents’ online shopping habits. 1. Most online purchases are made in pyjamas According to the research, 43% of online shoppers have made a purchase from the comfort of their bed, further highlighting the convenience aspect of online shopping. For those seeking to maximize their time, 20% admitted to purchasing from the bathroom or during their commute. For a parent that has been up all night, the ability to shop online without getting changed and leaving the house, is life changing. 2. Don’t let the courier service wake up the kids There’s nothing worse for a parent than spending ages putting their baby to sleep and then the courier service rings the doorbell, waking them up and setting them two steps back in their list of things to do. Likewise, 34% of parents on the go don’t want to waste precious family time waiting around for a home delivery when they could be out and about with their kids. So it’s no surprise that more and more parents in South Africa make use of innovative delivery methods like click and collect, which allows them to collect their online delivery at nearby parcel points, at a time that suits them. A further step for parents to unleash themselves and take control of their day. 3. Online shopping is great for information addicts With Millennials now entering parenthood in their late 20s and 30s, this new generation of parents is accustomed to having a wealth of information at their fingertips and this has no doubt impacted their purchasing behaviour too. With access to reviews, testimonials and groups online filled with information on what is best for their child, it is no wonder that only 6% say they asked other moms in person for advice on what to buy. Parents are renowned for seeking advice and online shopping allows them to research products thoroughly to make a more informed purchase. 4. Peace, quiet and online shopping serenity There is no denying that parenthood changes shopping habits as over 70% of parents research and purchase products online from their mobile devices. While they may be juggling a hectic schedule, parents still find time to shop online in between work, play and bath time. That’s why 39% of parents say their time spent online shopping is the most peaceful time of their day as they can choose to do it from the bed, in the bathroom or after the kids have gone to sleep. Online shopping enables parents to enjoy some much needed and cherished downtime amongst their busy lifestyle. 5. Discounts are a dream come true for deal seekers Another great perk of online shopping is that parents can save tonnes of money by making use of specials which are only available online. After all, 71% of people shop online because of discounts, freebies and specials, while 87% are influenced to spend online by price. A rise in subscription services like diapers on demand and Wi-Fi connected devices that allow parents to reorder their favourite products so that they never run out, also add to the convenience of online shopping.  With 80% purchasing something online monthly, 30% weekly and 5% daily, it is clear that online shopping is an indispensable part of life. So much so that 40% of online shoppers claimed they would rather give up streaming music than online shopping. It remains clear that convenience and price are still the two most important influences on a purchasing decision, in particular for parents on the go who spend 61% more online per year than non-parents. Check out Pargo’s click and collect delivery service and be one of the happy parents who shop online without experiencing the inconvenience of home delivery.  
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