What happens to uncollected Pargo parcels?

One of the top questions our customers ask is: What happens to uncollected Pargo parcels?

What constitutes an uncollected parcel? Any parcel that cannot be collected at a pickup point due to different circumstances is considered uncollected. Non-collection can happen for many reasons ー the recipient is out of town and cannot collect their parcel, or they lost their cellphone and does not receive the SMS and email notifications, or the recipient changed their mind about the order, etc.

Pargo safely stores parcels at our respective pickup points until collected. However, if parcels are still not claimed within 8 days of delivery to the pickup point, the returns process is initiated. This means that parcels are sent back to the supplier and the supplier will refund the purchase price to the customer.

If you sent a parcel, or are waiting on a parcel to be delivered to your nearest pickup point, keep an eye on your SMS and email notifications or track your parcel on our Track your Parcel page or the myPargo app.

Your parcels are at all times safe with Pargo.

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