20 Pargo Parcel Points in Gauteng

We are proud to announce that we opened more than 20 Pargo Parcel Points in Gauteng. Pargo is a fast-growing startup company within the logistics industry. Responding to a need for more reliable courier delivery and postal services, Pargo was born. Pargo now has Pickup Points in several popular stores, including grocery stores, drug stores, coffee shops and even hardware stores. Some Pickup Points are open 24/7, which empowers online shoppers to collect their delivery at a convenient Parcel Point near the office or residence. In South Africa, online shoppers face some unique challenges. From non-existent addresses in townships to security estates, which are not allowed to receive parcels for residents. University students equally face challenges related to online shopping and courier deliveries, as universities don’t store parcels for students. UPDATE: While Pargo has started off its pickup network with a few Pargo Parcel Points in Gauteng and the Western Cape, Pargo has by now 1500 active parcel points countrywide.  
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