Pargo solves the ecommerce returns problem

Research shows that 80% of customers are deterred from shopping online with retailers that don’t offer a returns policy. Exchanges and returns are arguably the most crucial parts of the online shopping experience ー especially considering that online purchases are nearly three times as likely to be returned than store-bought goods.

It is no secret that Africa remains the land of logistics opportunity ー add reverse logistics (return from buyer to seller) to the mix and the challenge becomes even more complex. In today’s Amazon-era, where local SMEs are competing with the likes of takealot and its sister companies, there’s an increasing need to offer customers a similar (or better) logistics solution.

The ROI (return on investment) of a reliable returns solution is undeniable ー businesses gain happy, returning customers, no loss in profits since returned items are quickly reintroduced into the value chain, while a good returns solution also offers great insight into how to better plan and stock items customers actually want.

Why Pargo Returns?

Pargo has recognised the increasing need for a customisable returns solution. Whether big, private label clients, API integrated clients, or using one of their Shopify or Woocommerce plugins ー all platforms can easily integrate with their system to offer customers quick and hassle-free returns.

Retailers can also opt for either a printed or paperless returns solution (or both) regardless of how their system integrates with Pargo. Returns are managed via a single dashboard leveraging their growing network of pickup points across the country.

Logistical issues around returns continue to be a challenge for ecommerce stores. Pargo solves this problem with a smart one-touch order management portal that is easy to use. Retailers can manage all orders from a single dashboard while Pargo manages the couriers. The platform requires little to no code to get started and will have retailers offering returns to their clients in less than 10 minutes.

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