Pargo Remains Operational During Lockdown: Exempt As Essential Service Provider

Updated: 3 July 2020. 14h40

As ecommerce reopens in South Africa, Pargo is fully operational to deliver goods across the country. As a distributor of online purchases, Pargo is exempt from the lockdown and will remain operational in order to deliver across South Africa. Hygiene measures remain firmly in place at Pargo couriers and pickup points.


Essential Pargo Pickup Points Remaining Open

As essential goods and service providers, pharmacies, supermarkets and petrol stations remain open for parcel collection through all levels of the nationwide lockdown. These exempt pickup points which will remain open include Clicks, Caltex and Spar.


More Pargo Pickup Points Reopen As Lockdown Restrictions Ease

Thanks to the easing of lockdown restrictions, we’ve been able to reopen the majority of our Pargo Pickup Points. We are also continually reviewing our network in line with the most recent Governmental proclamations to add and reopen even more pickup points for your convenience. 

To check if your chosen pickup point is open please consult our map here.

The health of customers remains imperative, and strict hygiene protocols for pickup points are in place. This includes the frequent cleaning of stores, the continuous use of wipes and sanitisers and self-isolation of staff members who show symptoms.

On top of the current hygiene measures implemented, Pargo Pickup Points also offer contactless Pargo parcel collection, which ensures customers don’t have to sign on the device.


Pargo’s Couriers Remain Operational

In order to continue delivering goods from online retailers, Pargo couriers will remain operational during the lockdown.

Strict hygiene measures remain in place. These include the use of fresh gloves and masks, frequent cleaning of trucks, as well as testing and self-isolation of anyone showing symptoms of the virus.

We encourage our customers to take every precaution safeguard possible to stay safe and healthy during this time.

To find out more information, please contact us at support@pargo.co.za.

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