How To Drive Customers To Your Store As A Pargo Pickup Point

The civil unrest of the last month has had a profound effect on everyone. It’s easy to get caught in a downward spiral when situations seem so dire but luckily we South Africans are tenacious and thanks to our innate sense of ubuntu, we’ve quickly been able to start recovering from the loss and damage.

At Pargo, we want to congratulate all our pickup point partners for their strength, spirit and hard work, getting their stores back up and running so quickly. Thanks to you, Pargo parcels are speeding across the country once again.

It might take some time for South Africans to return to your stores in the droves you were used to with the events of the last weeks still fresh in their minds. But there’s plenty you can do to restore a sense of normalcy and welcome your customers back to your shop. Here are our top 3 tips to increase foot traffic to your store as a Pargo Pickup Point.

Signage Sets All Eyes On You

Let passing trade know you are a Pargo Pickup Point with our bright yellow signage. If you properly install our unmissable signage in key areas, such as your shop window, front of the store, above the counter, everyone will know that they can collect their online shopping at your store.

This not only creates awareness of Click and Collect as a delivery method, but it will also likely persuade customers in your area to use your store as a pickup point versus another that might be 5km away.

Strategic placement of our signage allows you to direct traffic in your store. You can use this to your advantage to speed up checkout times for your customers. For instance, you can use signage to separate the queue between your usual shoppers and visiting Click and Collect shoppers to streamline service.

Speedy Service Sets You Apart

Pargo Click and Collect customers are busy. They don’t want to wait at home for a delivery, instead, they combine collecting their online shopping at pickup points with their usual chores to free up their day. Attending to them quickly will leave them with a lasting impression of excellent service, which will likely sway them to favour your store for future shopping.

To ensure a seamless, speedy experience for your customer, let the Pargo app lead the way. When a customer visits your store, simply enter their Pargo code (OTP) on the Pargo app to quickly access their details. You can easily scan out their parcels using the app.

Organised parcel storage also helps to speed up the collection process for your customers. We recommend that you organise parcels in alphabetical order or storage numbers. You can also store smaller parcels closer to the collection counter for quick access.

The less time customers spend waiting for their parcels, the more likely they are to leave you a stellar customer review online and return to your store.

Service With A Smile

You might not think much of a simple gesture like a smile; however, in the world of customer service, they travel for miles. Customers truly appreciate a personalised experience. Though it might not always be possible to greet them by name, showing them kindness when they visit your store will get them on your side in no time.

Here are a few short but impactful phrases you can use to give your customers a memorable, personalised shopping experience.

  • When customers approach the collection counter:
    • “Hi, let me help you quickly retrieve your parcel with your 4-digit OTP.”

  • Once you have their OTP and name:
    • “Thank you, [insert customer name], while I process your details, have you had a chance to view our in-store promotions.”

  • After handing over their parcel:
    • “Thank you for choosing us as your trusted pickup point partner. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Follow these tips to maximise the value of being a Pargo Pickup Point. If you need any assistance with following this guide or if you require any assistance with signage or training, our pickup point team is here to help. Contact them at support@pargo.co.za.

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