How Click and Collect Is Changing the Norm

Out with the old and in with the new. Click and Collect has revolutionized the way online shoppers collect their goods. Waiting on the courier company, worrying about the estimated delivery time slots and inconsistent tracking of the whereabouts of the parcel is now an old song.

With e-commerce growth set to reach 45.4m users in South Africa by 2023, according to statista, innovative solutions to solve these issues is imperative. At Pargo, we continue to find new ways to connect businesses and consumers through our network of over 2200 Pick-up Points located across Southern Africa, enabling faster and more reliable deliveries.

Based on customer reviews, Click and Collect is saving customers more than just time. We explore six areas that have convinced retail partners, like Cape Union Mart, Wellness Warehouse and OneDayOnly, that Click and Collect is the game changer.

Township and Rural Areas

Townships and rural areas in Southern Africa have long endured the logistical status quo. This is often due to being in remote areas, where delivery is almost impossible, and places that are inaccessible due to a lack of an address. With a mix of supporting technologies, systems and partnerships, the Click and Collect service offering has been a dream come true for communities living in rural areas and townships.

Evolving consumer habits look for more than just a good product. Consumers are looking for innovative companies that solve real-life community problems; companies with a purpose! Ventureburn has all of the latest details on how Pargo has been making a difference on the African continent.


Offering a true Omni-channel customer experience, Click and Collect gives customers the opportunity to search, select, order and finally check-out choosing a convenient pick-up point to have their order delivered to. This could be the Spaza shop around the corner, the local store on the way to and from work or the Clicks store right across from the office.

The bottom line is that Click and Collect allows customers to fetch their parcels at a convenient location when it suits them best and enables ‘on-the-go’ customers to take complete control of their time and their chore list.


Real-time tracking gives customers peace of mind in knowing where their parcel is every step of the way. Pargo’s tracking feature keeps you up to date by sending regular texts and emails in the following steps: when the order is received from the supplier; when it’s on route to the Pick-up Points; when it’s ready for collection at the Pick-up Points and when it has been collected.

In addition to tracking the whereabouts of the parcel, Pargo customers can simply punch in the waybill number and view the latest update on their parcel, together with the collection point address and opening hours of the Pick-up Points.


The obvious red flags when it comes to the internet could be the reason many future prospective online shoppers are cautious when it comes to making online purchases. There is a lot happening online, such as fraud, phishing and identity theft. Moreover, concerns over the quality and returns of products bought online is still a big factor. One of the obvious calls for concern is whether or not the product will look as genuine in person as it does online and, if not, are they able to return it.

Section 20 of the South African Consumer Protection Act states that it is “the right of shopper to return goods should they not meet expectations”. Our easy returns solution allows customers to do this with zero frustration. Knowing that they can drop off return parcels at any of our 2200 Pargo Pick-up Points nationwide simplifies the purchase decision.

With the in-store collections service being offered at companies such as Cape Union Mart, you have the advantage of making instant returns in-store. You are even able to exchange the garment for another one with a different colour or size of your choice – just in case you are not happy with your initial online purchase choice. Side note: it’s always in your best interest to check the return policy of the supplier before purchasing any of their goods!

Carbon Footprint

We all know that in order for our vehicles to move they need fuel or diesel, which is from the production of coal, petroleum, and gas. These are some of the key contributing factors to pollution and global warming. South Africa has recently been hit by a heat wave, drought, and water shortages due to climate changes and according to Mail&Guardian, South Africa is the world’s 14th largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

The Carbon Report states that “all businesses in South Africa need to be engaged in the challenge of how we transition to a low carbon economy”. By using Click and Collect, you play a part in reducing the carbon footprint of your online shopping behavior. Home delivery, on the other hand, might involve multiple trips to the same address before the courier finally catches the customer when they are not at the gym or at work.

Click and Collect also saves consumers fuel as most people choose a Pick-up Points that’s conveniently located on their way home from work or at some other convenient location that would have been visited anyway. Society’s ‘On-The-Go’ lifestyles of today simply don’t cater for home delivery.


Accelerating technological developments are shifting customer demands and economic pressures, making customers look for improved delivery and collection solutions. There’s no doubt by now that Click and Collect has a direct connection with additional in-store purchases by consumers, and has proven to be cost-effective to both consumer and the supplier. One in three Click and Collect users would make an additional purchase while collecting an online order in store!

Through Click and Collect, brick and mortar retailers are presented with an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell during in-store collections, as well as build connections with their customers. If a business is not taking advantage of the Click and Collect growing market trend, it’s sure losing out on additional sales and integrated customer experience.

Click and Collect is an online delivery solution that provides customers with flexible delivery and pick-up options while offering businesses the opportunity to provide customers with a hassle-free solution and a tailored online retail experience. Contact us here for more details.

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