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  • Pargo offers Click & Collect and Home Delivery through our Woocommerce plugin giving your customers even more freedom when choosing their preferred delivery method.

    By simply adding the Pargo plugin to your WordPress site, you give your customers the convenience of either collecting their online orders at a Pargo Pickup Point or having them delivered to an address of their choice.

    Thanks to full integration with the myPargo portal, you can enjoy the simplicity of tracking and managing all your orders through a single portal regardless of the chosen delivery method, allowing you to get your parcels on the go faster and easier than ever before.

    How Pargo Works

    • CHECKOUT WITH PARGO: customers shop online and choose their preferred Pargo delivery method.
    • PARGO DELIVERS: our couriers collect parcels from you, the supplier, for delivery to their destination.
    • CUSTOMERS NOTIFIED: we notify customers of their parcel’s progress till the point of collection or delivery.
    • CUSTOMERS SHARE GREAT EXPERIENCES: customers share their experiences online, boosting your online reputation.

    Benefits for your business

    • Sign up with Pargo and install the plugin in 3 minutes, or less. 
    • Deliver anywhere in South Africa with over 3500+ Pargo Pickup Points in popular retailers including Clicks, Edgars, Lewis Stores, Freshstop at Caltex, selected Spar stores and thousands of smaller stores across South Africa.  
    • Create unlimited shipping zones with customised rates for Pargo Pickup Points and Home Delivery orders based on where your customers live. 
    • Intuitive customer SMS and email notifications, exclusive to Pargo.
    • Fully integrated with myPargo to track and trace parcels, make final edits before printing waybills and manifests, and confirm your orders for courier collection.
    • Integrated delivery solution that includes Pargo Home Delivery, and paperless Pargo Returns at participating Pargo Points via unique URL.

    Easy to install

    • Centralised myPargo dashboard to manage all your Pargo orders, our one-click parcel management portal.
    • Customisable prepaid credit bundles to suit your budget.
    • Custom Pickup Point map token to further enhance your checkout page.
    • Save costs with high home delivery success rate through superior route guide mapping.
    • Timely SMS and email notifications to ease customer anxiety.
    • Free Pargo biodegradable and recyclable packaging – eradicating plastic bags in landfills.
  • Installation is so easy

    1. Download the Pargo WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress marketplace.

    2. Configure your Pargo account and shipping methods.

    3. Start offering Pargo delivery to your customers.


    • PHP: 7.4 (same as WordPress 5.8)
    • WordPress: 5.8+
    • WooCommerce: 5.9+
    • Install the Pargo Plugin via WordPress marketplace

    Configuration from Pargo (contact

    • myPargo login credentials (to configure the plugin’s account settings).
    • Install the Pargo plugin by downloading it from WordPress marketplace.
    • Configure the plugin shipping methods in the left side panel of your WordPress dashboard, where the Pargo logo will be visible after download.
    • Add the configured Pargo shipping methods to your shipping zones in WooCommerce settings.
  • Change Log


    • New toggle option for shipping settings / zones to choose whether you want to send your orders to Pargo automatically and disable backend shipping.
    • Users who did not complete setup by adding a map token, can now see the map.
    • Fix added to prevent blank phone numbers being sent to the API for those who have disabled the phone number validation at checkout.
    • Pargo Point location fields are now split into individual fields on orders.



    • Our latest WooCommerce release includes a status write back from myPargo to WooCommerce. Gone are the days of updating WooCommerce orders separately from myPargo; orders created and confirmed on myPargo will now push to your WooCommerce dashboard. 
    • We’re committed to delivering the best plugin experience possible. By utilising analytics tracking, we can gather valuable insights to optimise performance and continually improve your experience. Not keen? Simply opt out in your advanced settings.
    • We’ve made it so easy to sign up for a myPargo account directly from the plugin configuration screen. If you don’t yet have a myPargo account, simply click the link on the set up screen to get started.



    Ensure “ZA” or “EG” is passed as a country code to Pargo API dynamically.


    New Feature: Shipping Rates by Zone
    We are excited to announce a new feature in our WooCommerce shipping plugin that allows you to set shipping rates for specific shipping zones. With this feature, you can now offer more flexible and customised shipping options to your customers based on their location.

    Here are some highlights of this feature:

    Create unlimited shipping zones: You can create as many shipping zones as you need, based on countries, states, or zip codes.

    Set shipping rates by zone: For each shipping zone, you can set different shipping rates based on the shipping method, weight, price, or a combination of these factors.

    Override default rates: You can override the default shipping rates for certain shipping zones.

    To get started with this feature, simply go to the Shipping Zones tab in your WooCommerce settings, and add or edit a shipping zone. You can then select the shipping methods you want to offer, and set the rates and conditions for each method.


    =3.0.9 =

    *Addition of home delivery method
    *Configurable free shipping per method

    *Addition of new customer centric Pickup Point Map
    *Improved order notes for better order handling

    *Overall updates for compatibility with latest WordPress, Woocommerce and PHP

    = 2.0.6=
    * Pargo info popup link added

    = 2.0.5=
    * You can now send orders directly from the admin panel

    = 2.0.4=
    * We have added the functionality to log your plugin information to improve our plugin

    = 2.0.3=
    * More dynamic handling

    = 2.0.2=
    * Responsive Firefox issue sorted

    = 2.0.1=
    * Rewritten code base
    * Added custom merchant map token feature and setting
    * Added no weight shipping cost setting
    * Added more and improved Pargo Pickup point details to be saved to custom fields
    * Improved compatibility with Woocommerce 3.3+
    * Added usage tracking opt-in feature
    * Added more front-end styling options
    * Fixed pup number being correctly saved to custom field
    * Added selected pickup point address to save to custom field


    • Added pick up point check for various submit options


    • Added weight-based pricing feature


    • Selected Pargo point now moves across to checkout if selected prior


    • Woocommerce version 3.2.3 select bug fix


    • Map now opens as a popup instead of new tab


    • Free shipping update bug fix
    • When Pargo is the only option, you cannot checkout without selecting a location
    • Error popup design improved
    • Pargo location button grey until Pargo is selected


    • Wording change for free shipping option


    • Free shipping