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  • Businesses use Pargo as an additional logistics service next to home deliveries which they offer through couriers. Pargo allows you to add click-and-collect as a delivery option and improves your value proposition to your customer.

    Pargo is a logistics solution that let’s consumers collect and return parcels at dedicated pickup points. We are extending across the African continent, contact us the explore opportunities outside of South Africa. Currently we offer over 2500 pickup points across every town in South Africa. Businesses use Pargo as an additional logistics service next to home delivery which they offer through couriers. Pargo allows online retailers to add Click and collect as a delivery option, which helps you to differentiate from the competition. After all 43% of online shoppers abandon their basket due to the lack of convenient delivery options. Pargo plugins integrate with all Wocommerce platforms, no special programming required!

    Benefits for Merchants

    • Email and SMS notification on shipments
    • Pargo login for consolidated tracking of all your Pargo shipments
    • Flat rates across the whole of South Africa
    • Improved support with extended operating hours and no thread of strikes and backlogs
    • Decreased delivery costs through consolidated deliveries and a 100% delivery rate on first attempt
    • Unique returns solution without the trouble of home collections
    • Viral consumer marketing through word-of-mouth recommendations via online savvy Pargo customers

    Technical Features

    • Process Pargo shipments via your store backend
    • Print your waybill from your store backend
    • Responsive design across desktop and mobile devices
    • Pickup point popup map with search for easy collection point selections
    • Intuitive installation
    • Multiple warehouses or drop off points for individuals
    • Track & Trace on orders
    • What is Pargo popup link helper
    • Free shipping options
    • Demo site

    Benefits for customers

    • Better service provision through secure and transparent real time tracking and regular notifications via email and SMS
    • Over 2500 pickup points across every town in South Africa
    • Most stores open 24/7Urban and rural presence, including informal settlements
    • Well-known and trusted South African stores: Clicks, Spar, Lewis, Freshstop at Caltex, and local individual owned stores
    • Pickup point popup map with search for easy collection point selections

    • PHP 5+ (same as WordPress 4.9.8)
    • WordPress: 4.9.8+
    • WooCommerce
    • A unique map token from Pargo
    1. Upload the pargo-shipping folder to the /wp-content/plugins/directory.
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Changelog

    = 2.0.6=
    * Pargo info popup link added
    = 2.0.5=
    * You can now send orders directly from the admin panel
    = 2.0.4=
    * We have added the functionality to log your plugin information to improve our plugin
    = 2.0.3=
    * More dynamic handling
    = 2.0.2=
    * Responsive Firefox issue sorted
    = 2.0.1=
    * Rewritten code base
    * Added custom merchant map token feature and setting
    * Added no weight shipping cost setting
    * Added more and improved Pargo Pickup point details to be saved to custom fields
    * Improved compatibility with Woocommerce 3.3+
    * Added usage tracking opt-in feature
    * Added more front-end styling options
    * Fixed pup number being correctly saved to custom field
    * Added selected pickup point address to save to custom field


    • Added pick up point check for various submit options


    • Added weight-based pricing feature


    • Selected Pargo point now moves across to checkout if selected prior


    • Woocommerce version 3.2.3 select bug fix


    • Map now opens as a popup instead of new tab


    • Free shipping update bug fix
    • When Pargo is the only option, you cannot checkout without selecting a location
    • Error popup design improved
    • Pargo location button grey until Pargo is selected


    • Wording change for free shipping option


    • Free shipping