Convenient deliveries & returns at your local store

Pargo is a convenient logistics solution that lets you collect and return parcels at Pargo parcel points throughout the country when it suits you best

What is Pargo?

Deliveries are made to a local store of your choice, where you can collect the parcel when it suits you best.

Save time by combining the collection of a parcel with your daily shopping.

Want to return a parcel? Simply drop off the parcel at a Pargo parcel point and Pargo will do the rest.

80% of South Africans would prefer to collect a parcel at a nearby shop*

Keeping your parcels safe.

Parcels are stored in a secure area. The complete delivery process is supported by the latest IT system. You can also track your parcel online.

Pargo delivers in 3 Steps

Shop at your favourite retailer - online too - and choose your preferred Pargo parcel point when checking out.

Delivery will be done to your chosen Pargo parcel point.

You will receive sms or email notification when your parcel arrives at the Pargo parcel point. Collect when it suits you best!

Pargo Returns

Select Your Retailer

Select your retailer from the dropdown menu on the returns page.

Follow Instructions

Follow the instructions provided.

Drop Off

Drop off your parcel at your Pargo parcel point.

Want to know more?

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