The Pargo Postnet alternative is fast, reliable and affordable

With their 300 branches Postnet is one of South Africa’s popular delivery companies and has for many years been the only alternative to the National Post Office.

Pargo has changed this with it’s hugely popular Point to Point delivery service.

With its 1500+ send and collect points nationwide inside popular stores, Pargo has revolutionised the way people send and receive parcels.

Parcels sent with Pargo are trackable in real-time 24/7, the Pargo support team makes sure parcels are save from the minute they are dropped off at one of the Pargo network points to the minute a designated and well-trained staff member hands over the parcel to the recipient. For extra assurance parcel deliveries can be insured.

Delivery times vary with 2-3 days for urban centres and 5-7 days delivery for rural areas. Prices start from as little as R99 per post delivery, thereby outpricing most alternative delivery companies.

While delivery companies like Postnets are wide and far between, Pargo has a network of 1500+ stores including popular stores like Clicks, Caltex and Lewis. The Pargo postnetwork also features smaller Pickup Points like coffee shops, hardware stores and beauty salons. Opening hours of Pargo Points differ but many of them are open 24/7 which enables convenient sending and collection outside office hours and on weekends.

Benefits at a glance


Customer-focus is one of our central company values. Pargo staff is well-trained and incentivised to take care of your parcel from drop off to collection.

Opening hours

You are in control of your day. Pick up your parcel at the crack of dawn, in the middle of the night or on the weekend. A variety of Pargo Pickup Points within the network are open for business 24/7. Check out the opening hours of each Pickup Point here.

Nationwide postal network

Pargo has a wide-spread network of 1500+ postal Pickup Points and covers all urban and most rural areas in South Africa.

More Productivity

Run your errants and post your parcel at the same time.


Despite a substantial support team, Pargo is able to offer competitive pricing starting from R99 to post a parcel of up to 5kg within the network.

Detailed real time tracking

Pargo’s state-of-the-art parcel tracking technology allows for intuitive parcel tracking from mobile and desktop devices. Insure your parcel at a small additional charge for extra peace of mind.

Real people

While booking your parcel for delivery is automated, our network of Pickup Points are manned with real people who help you to check in your parcel. Pargo employs a support team, plus a department that focuses exclusively on the customer experience.

Ecommerce & Online Shopping

The Pargo solution was born as a click and collect solution for online shoppers. Pargo works with most online stores, e.g. Raru, TFG, Cape Union Mart, Faithful to Nature.

Try Pargo Point to Point and learn why our customers feel Pargo is the perfect Postnet alternative.