Why use Pargo?

While the South African post office was traditionally the only way to send a parcel in South Africa, there are more and more service providers in South Africa that offer fast, reliable and affordable parcel delivery.

With a network of over 1500 conveniently located Pargo Pickup Points to send and collect parcels, Pargo is the most convenient and established delivery company alternative to the post office. While overcoming the challenges of home delivery via traditional courier services, Pargo enables customers to send and collect parcels at popular stores like Caltex Freshstop, Clicks Store and Lewis, thereby enabling customers to fill up their tank or do their shopping at the same time.

While Pargo Point to Point delivery follows the same business concept as the South African Post Office, the entire process - from dropping the parcel to tracking it and picking it up - is beautifully intuitive.

Here are all the benefits of Pargo at a glance


Our staff is well trained to take care of your parcel from drop off to pick up.

Opening hours

Pick up your parcel before or after work and even on the weekend. Some Pargo pickup points are open 24/7.


Pargo has a network of 1500 pickup points and covers all urban and most rural areas.

Productivity enhancing

Send a parcel, fill up your car or do your grocery shopping at the same time.


Competitive pricing starting from R99.

Safe and secure

Track your parcel’s every move. Insure your parcel at a small additional charge for extra peace of mind.

Real people

Pargo has a well-trained customer service team, plus a department that focuses exclusively on customer experience.

Online Shopping

Do your online shopping with Pargo too. Pargo works with most major retailers, e.g. TFG, Cape Union Mart, Faithful to Nature, providing pickup points for online shoppers.