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    PARGO is a convenient logistics solution that lets people collect and return parcels at Pargo parcel points throughout South Africa when it suits them best. Pargo is addressing the challenges of home delivery. People often miss the delivery of a parcel because they are not at home, others live/work at estates or office buildings that are not accessible for couriers. Pargo solves these problems by sending the parcels to the Pargo points where the customer can collect at a time suitable to them. Pargo can also be used to return any parcel. A customer then simply drop’s off the parcel at the Pargo point and we will take of the rest.

    Benefits for Merchants

    • Email and SMS notification on shipments
    • Pargo login for consolidated tracking of all your Pargo shipments
    • Flat rates across the whole of South Africa
    • Improved support with extended operating hours and no thread of strikes and backlogs
    • Decreased delivery costs through consolidated deliveries and a 100% delivery rate on first attempt
    • Unique returns solution without the trouble of home collections
    • Viral consumer marketing through word-of-mouth recommendations via online savvy Pargo customers

    Technical Features

    • Features W2P
    • Map Integration
    • Backend Shipment API PUP.PARGO
    • Print Waybill
    • Track & Trace link to pargo
    • Preferred PUP saved
    • Thumbnail Pargo

    Benefits for customers

    • Map Integration
    • Backend Shipment API PUP.PARGO
    • Print Waybill
    • Multiple Warehouse
    • Track & Trace link to pargo
    • What is Pargo helper
    • Free shipping (based on value)
    • Monitor
    • Preferred PUP saved
    • Pargo shipping with no pup > botton
  • Pargo is a logistics company that collects parcels from your premises and ships them to designated pick-up points, where buyers collect them during working hours, at the time that suits them best. These so-called Pargo Parcel Points are located in well-known retail outlets throughout the country.


    In order to offer Pargo as a shipping option, sellers need to register on the Pargo website and then request to be added to the Pargo group of sellers on bidorbuy.

    How It Works in Brief

    • Sellers can offer Pargo as a shipping option on all or some of their products via their shipping table.
    • Buyers select Pargo and choose a preferred Pargo Parcel point when purchasing the item.
    • The seller must package the item and notify Pargo for collection.
    • Pargo will collect the item from the seller and deliver it to the buyer’s chosen Pargo Parcel Point where he/she will collect it.


    How It Works Step by Step 


    Step 1: Register on Pargo for BidorBuy by clicking here .


    Step 2: Request to be in the Pargo group of bidorbuy sellers by e-mailing


    Step 3: Pargo will automatically be added to your shipping table. You can enable and disable Pargo for different product classes.


    Step 4: Only once payment has been made, a green “Release to Pargo” icon will appear next to the order. You must click this green icon to notify Pargo to collect the item from the address entered on bidorbuy. It will take one working day for the courier company to collect the item.

    Step 5: Click “Shipping Waybill” to open up a window with a Waybill specific to each order. This must be printed and pasted on the item before Pargo comes to collect.


    What happens if I don’t have packaging materials?

    • You can purchase sleeves from Pargo (R1.35 each) prior to collection. You can put the item/s you need to ship into those sleeves, using one sleeve per order.  (Please see rates and size limits in the Sellers, please note section below).


    How do I track my item via Pargo?



    1. Sellers must purchase new Pargo Waybills on a case-by-case basis or in bulk directly through Pargo.
    2. Sellers must send a Pargo Waybill to a buyer who wants to return an item.


    Whom to contact for help when using Pargo as a shipping method?
    Sellers, please email if you need help using Pargo as your shipping method.


    Sellers, please note:

    • Pargo fees are automatically calculated at R55
    • R5 is added to the shipping fee for packaging costs
    • Size limit: 30cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 30cm (H)
    • Weight limit: 5kg (actual) or 15kg (volumetric)
    • You can send more than one parcel. Each parcel is charged separately
    • High value items are not accepted (coins, jewelry etc)
    • Pargo will hold a parcel for 14 days maximum. If not collected, the parcel is sent back to the sender.
    • Pargo is not responsible for any loss or damage to the parcels.
    • The maximum amount refundable is R50 for lost parcels