The festive season is upon us and while some of us are winding down Pargo is full steam ahead! In saying this there are a few important things to take note of:

1. What are Pargo’s festive operating hours?

Pargo will be open, except on public holidays. Please see operating times below:

8am – 5pm

Tuesday to Friday:
8am – 7pm

8am – 5pm

9am – 2pm

2. What if you can’t get through to the call centre?

If you can’t get through to the call centre, please use our support email If you choose to contact us by phone first thing in the morning,  please do so with the waybill number and customer details.

3. What if a customer cannot collect within the given time frame?

It’s possible to extend the storage time of a parcel. However, we would need to be notified and require the details and the estimated date of collection.

4. Can someone else collect on a customer’s behalf?

Yes, provided the individual collecting has a copy of the receiver’s ID and the unique Pargo code.

5. If the customer has lost/forgotten their Pargo code?

If your customer has lost their unique Pargo code, please make them aware that the Pargo code can be found in the SMS and/or email notifications. If the Pargo code can’t be retrieved, please contact us to receive a new code.

6. What happens if the customer comes to the store before the parcel arrives?

If the customer arrives at the pick-up point before the parcel, you need to advise the customer to check the tracking information on the Pargo website. If they are still unsure please encourage them to contact Pargo Support.

7. What happens when the parcel has been returned to the supplier?

If the parcel has been returned to the supplier, the customer would need to contact the supplier to arrange for re-delivery.

If your operating hours change during the festive season, please notify Pargo of any changes so that we may update the details.