Interviews: Pargo on Cape Talk Radio

Lars Veul was on-air with Phavlo Phitidis and Kieno Kammies on Cape Talk to discuss Pargo and the effects our logistics solution has on online shopping in SA. The interviews are part of the Nedbank Business Accelerator program on Cape Talk where Phavlo Phitidis celebrates entrepreneurs who build the businesses that South Africa needs. The show helps successful, established entrepreneurships get to the next level by giving business owners the opportunity to share their stories and insights on air. Listen to the interviews here and here. Pavlo Phitidis explains why he is excited about Pargo’s service: “The online shopping growth in South Africa has been disappointing. We were expecting it to be way ahead of where it is. The problem has been the issue of logistics. How does one get an online purchase delivered at a time that’s convenient for them? Pargo enables that. Their ability to really catalyze and ignite the online shopping space is there and present.”
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