The Pargo plugin for Magento 2 is out

If you have married your checkout page plugin Pargo with your Magento Content Management System already, you are used to all the benefits of an automated, intuitive checkout plugin solution. Pargo for Magento 2 has just been finalised and it comes with a variety of new features. Magento 2 features the Pargo helper Margo Pargo. Once your customers click on “more info” Margo Pargo explains the Pargo Pick Up experience to your customers via an easy to grasp pop-up. Where with Magento 1, your warehouse was picked automatically based on the specified Pick-up Points, with Magento 2 you can pick the warehouse manually. With the Pargo Magento 2 plugin, you can now do all the tracking and tracing in one convenient place – your CMS. Simply log into your website admin backend to check out where your parcels currently are. Magento 2 also allows your customers to re-order to their favourite Pick-up Points without having to choose it again. If you have any questions please contact us.
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