Publishers abandon SA Post Office, demand answers

Cape Town – Publishers big and small have suffered huge financial losses due to the operational issues facing the South African Post Office (Sapo) and, while they want answers from the regulator, they’re now looking to a future without the South African post office. In fact, Leisure Books has reduced usage from 90% to 10%. “Postal delivery has always been a problem,” said Beukes. “Strike or no strike, we replace a serious number of subscriber copies each month as the magazines get lost either at the depots, post offices or en route to the subscriber. Due to ongoing strikes and unreliable service delivery, Leisure Books has taken a step back from the South African Post Office as a delivery method. Leisure Books is now exploring Postnet delivery as well as Pargo, a delivery company offering a network of reliable Parcel Pickup Points. With the help of those innovative delivery methods – Postnet and Pargo – Leisure Books is able to deliver books on time. Read more
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