One small click to a make a difference in 2023

2023 is pegged to be a challenging year for retailers: a looming global recession, rising interest rates and loadshedding are all contributing to a tough economic climate. Business owners need to ensure they have simple strategies in place to help both their business and consumers ride the 2023 economic wave successfully.

Help the hamstrung consumer

It’s rough out there, for businesses and consumers alike. The increased cost of living means more consumers are shopping around for the best deal – with many doing so online. Add to that the fast-paced hustle of the current climate and it’s clear that online shopping, with the added convenience of Pargo Click & Collect, is a simple step to giving the consumer some of their power back.

On the topic of power: loadshedding is another significant factor driving consumers online. Retailers have reported a significant drop in foot traffic as consumers avoid brick-and-mortar stores. Ensuring you have a solid online offering with a convenient delivery system in place, you’re taking a significant step towards helping take the pressure off of your consumer.

Take control of your delivery costs

Pargo Click & Collect takes the guessing game out of delivery costs: we offer partners a nationwide flat rate with no hidden costs or surcharges so you know what to expect when it comes to delivery fees. 

On top of this, your bottom line delivery costs will be dramatically reduced. We all know that delayed deliveries push up courier prices – but with Pargo’s consolidated deliveries we have a 100% first-attempt success rate. 

Go beyond the major metropoles

Reaching more consumers, even if they are spending less, may be the difference between a challenging or successful year. Pargo Click & Collect means that you can reach more consumers, no matter where they live. With over 3000 Pargo Pickup Points across the country – in even the most inaccessible of areas – means that more and more South Africans are now able to shop online. They’re an untapped market just waiting to become your customer!

Ready to benefit from Pargo Click & Collect? Let’s do business. You won’t regret it. Get in touch here: https://pargo.co.za/business-sign-up/


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