How Pargo Click & Collect can help ease the pressure of 2023

And just like that, 2023 is in full swing.

Day-to-day life is faster than ever, and it seems as if there are multiple tabs open in your brain, right? And, with a looming global recession, the impact of loadshedding and rising interest rates, our purse strings are tighter than ever.

Plus, on top of the fast-paced nature of life, we’re also feeling the need to be more mindful of our actions and how we impact the environment.

Plot twist: Pargo Click & Collect is here to help. And all it takes is a click of a button at checkout to make a small – but significant! – difference in your life.

Find the best bang for your buck with online shopping 

If you’re not already on team online shopping, now is the time to get online. One of the many benefits is the ease of shopping around for the best prices. A quick Google search will help you hunt down specials and bargains, saving you time – and money!

Put the convenience back into your own hands

Sitting around waiting for a delivery? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Between Zoom calls and school runs (and the million tasks in between), waiting for a delivery is often not an option. All it takes is one small click at check out and voila! There goes the time-sensitive pressure and the convenience to collect when your time allows.

Going green is the new black

Is one of the niggling tabs open in your brain the need to live a greener lifestyle?

You’re not alone. A study conducted by Mastercard found that 81% of South Africans are more mindful of their impact on the planet – and so they should be! With that in mind, choosing Pargo Click & Collect is a small but meaningful step to helping our planet. 

Pargo Click & Collect has been shown to produce 68% less carbon emissions than traditional delivery services. Plus we’ve replaced our traditional plastic courier bag with a fully biodegradable, locally produced paper courier bag – at no additional cost to you. 

Choose Pargo Click & Collect at checkout and get ready to close some of those tabs in your brain. 


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nqobile mavuso

Just received my parcel, can’t wait to use my product. #FIRST TIME CUSTOMER. I appreciate your service Pargo.

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This was my first order and the experience was great. Their service is fast and exceptional. Safe and legit. Their charge rates are worth it, no regrets!

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I love everything about bash, shopping was easy and efficient.the stuff was friendly [See More]