Congrats to this month’s Top Pickup Point – October 2021

The festive season is officially in full swing and our Pargo Pickup Points are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We’ve had a phenomenal year and we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed towards making this one of our most memorable years to date.

Having said that, one of our pickup points has shown great initiative and has performed exceptionally well during the month of October. For this reason, Clicks at Ballito Junction Regional Mall is awarded our Pargo Pickup Point of the month.

Congratulations to the team who has consistently put in the hard work and dedication. The pickup point boasts a perfect customer experience rating and required zero manual scans by staff during the last month, indicating a seamless Click & Collect experience for all visiting customers.

(Images supplied by Pargo customers)

As we reach the end-of-year madness, we would like to encourage all pickup points to continue the great work. Sometimes it may feel like your hard work goes unnoticed but rest assured ㅡ we see you and we value you. We look forward to seeing who the next troop of superstars will be!

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