Caltex FreshStop

FreshStop at Caltex was one of Pargo’s first Parcel Points, offering customers the convenience of Click and Collect. Petrol stations are convenient Pickup Points for such customers who like to fill up their car while picking up their parcel. Some Freshtop at Caltex sell some groceries and even fresh produce. Online shoppers picking up their delivery at Caltex Fresh Stop don’t have to go near the threaded shopping centre. Besides the opening hours of this Pickup Point are usually 24/7 which is great for online shoppers who work office hours and only have time for the pick up of their parcel on weekends or after hours. For all those coffee connoisseurs out there, in some of their branches, Freshstop at Caltex has partnered with Seattle coffee. Running errands has never been more fun. Click and collect helps you to take control of your day while reaping the benefits of online shopping.
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