How can we be your hero?


The key to building a successful company is morning swims in the sea and a clear vision. Rumour has it he can hear what you didn't say.

Derk Hoekert

Director, Co-Founder, Joint CEO


Some say data drives his inhuman analytical abilities, others say it's coffee. Not afraid to make bold decisions, his presence alone raises everyone else's game.

Lars Veul

Director, Co-Founder, Joint CEO


A cape on her back, a child on her hip and a favourite pick-up point in every province. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its Margo Pargo.

Margo Pargo

Brand Mascot


Whiteboard enthusiast always searching for the 'bigger picture.' A master of networking, who lives and breathes positivity with a can do attitude.

Ian Duvenage

Chief Commercial Officer


An old soul with the eloquence to thumbsuck an inspirational speech out of thin air.

Lionel Shap

Head of Operations


Mass produces ultra creative ideas. Even when kept in captivity.

Michaela Gabriel

Head of Marketing


Loves work almost as much as she loves her new baby.

Natasha Colson

Finance Manager


Brings order to chaos and gets the job done.

Adilah Ryklief

Snr Partner Manager

Cool as a cucumber

Remains calm in any situation, including forceful interrogation.

Adrian Johannes

Partner Manager


Unique ability to switch from drill seargeant to princess charming in a split second.

Bianca Lee High

National Customer Experience Manager

Smooth Operator

The voice of an angel, the patience of a saint.

Chad Geldenhuys

Customer Experience Agent

The Go-to Guy

Doesn’t shy away from tackling a challenge, or helping others wherever he can.

Dominic Bolmeijer

Marketing Intern


More chill than essential oils and a penchant for mediating stressful situations.

Elroy De Klerk

Snr Partner Manager


Dreams of morphing messes into masterpieces.

Fatimah Oosthuizen

Office Administrator

Mind Reader

Even if you didn't say it, he knows you were thinking it.

Garth Frantz

Business Development Manager

People Person

The friendliest developer you will ever meet.

Imtiyaaz Salie



Resident joker guaranteed to tickle anyone's funny bone.

Keegan Schuller

Customer Experience Agent


A passion for nailing deadlines and ticking things off the list.

Koen Mooren

Operations Intern


There ain't no challenge big enough that she can't tackle.

Lisa Nina

Customer Experience Agent

Smile Bringer

On a mission to satisfy as many customers as humanly possible.

Martijn Vlasblom

Operations Intern

Pressure Player

Always pulls through at the last minute, despite suffering a mini-stroke doing so.

Nasir Hendricks

Business Analyst Manager


Uses the element of organisation to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Quintin De Pagter

Sales Intern

Creative Eye

Can be found quietly flexing his creative muscles, bringing ideas to life.

Sam Brink

Graphic Designer

Web Bender

A wizard on the keyboard, ensuring the web stays a magical place.

Sandiso Toto



Loves tracking clues to solve the latest office mystery. Who drank all the milk?

Simone Isaacs

Partner Manager

Gift of the gab

Can talk her way out of a parking ticket.

Shireen Roberts

Business Development Manager

Problem Solver

A unique knack for seeing the world through the eyes of others

Taryn Gloyne

UX Developer

Team Player

Second to none the most helpful soul on the planet.

Thandi Mentile

Customer Experience Agent

Clean Finger

Depletes Mr Min in a day and Tupperware warden

Thuli Samsam

Office maintenance

Time Keeper

Uses the power of time management to stay efficient and productive.

Tulisa Gantsho

Customer Experience Agent