How can we be your hero?


The key to building a successful company is morning swims in the sea and a clear vision. Rumour has it he can hear what you didn't say.

Derk Hoekert

Director, Co-Founder, Joint CEO


Some say data drives his inhuman analytical abilities, others say it's coffee. Not afraid to make bold decisions, his presence alone raises everyone else's game.

Lars Veul

Director, Co-Founder, Joint CEO


A cape on her back, a child on her hip and a favourite pick-up point in every province. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its Margo Pargo.

Margo Pargo

Brand Mascot


Mass produces ultra creative ideas. Even when kept in captivity.

Michaela Gabriel

Head of Marketing


An old soul with the eloquence to thumbsuck an inspirational speech out of thin air.

Lionel Shap

Head of Operations

Networking Knight

With AirPod in ear, Steven talks the talk while walking the walk when networking the socks off of anyone he comes into contact with!

Steven Jowell

Sales Director


Brings order to chaos and gets the job done.

Adilah Ryklief

Snr Partner Manager

Rob The Builder

Can he build it? Yes, he can! All he needs is clouds, code and coffee.

Rob Damerell

Head of Engineering


Facilitating Pargo’s transition from start-up to scale-up is Louise’s happy place.

Louise Bailey Tait

Chief of Staff

Cool as a cucumber

Remains calm in any situation, including forceful interrogation.

Adrian Johannes

Stage Manager

The Altruist

An undeniable passion to create more opportunities for future generations, and empower others through innovative solutions.

Michelle Pillay

Head of Key Accounts and Sales Enablement

Smooth Operator

The voice of an angel, the patience of a saint.

Chad Geldenhuys

Stage Manager


Through skillful deep dives into data, she extracts all Pargo's pearls of wisdom.

Larúchelle Bekker

Business Operations Analyst


Tulisa ploughs through inbound calls with supernatural speed and care.

Tulisa Gantsho

Customer Experience Agent


More chill than essential oils and a penchant for mediating stressful situations.

Elroy De Klerk

Snr Partner Manager

Bridge Builder

Engineering Pargo’s smooth operations, implementations and integrations.

Betine Dreyer

Project Manager


Dreams of morphing messes into masterpieces.

Fatimah Oosthuizen

Office Manager

Customer Clairvoyant

Caitlin resolves inbound calls with such insight, it’s almost as if she knows what they’re thinking.

Caitlin Leach

Stage Manager


A smooth talker of note, Leroy can diffuse any situation with just a few choice words.

Leroy Gurling

Customer Experience Agent


Loves tracking clues to solve the latest office mystery. Who drank all the milk?

Simone Isaacs

Quality Assurance Analyst

The Dexterous

We've been told, to manage multiple projects at once, there are only two things you need: coffee, and noise cancelling earphones.

Peter de Beer

Head of Pickup Points

Jill Of All Trades

Doesn’t wait on any Jack — she fetches her own pail of water.

Yolanda Jali

Customer Experience Agent

Worry-Not Warrior

Can charm you both on and off the phone, Kyle's here to secure your next Pargo Point!

Kyle Petersen

Business Development Manager

Team Player

Second to none the most helpful soul on the planet.

Thandi Mentile

Customer Experience Agent


Resident joker guaranteed to tickle anyone's funny bone.

Keegan Schuller

Stage Manager


Late nights are a no brainer for this bean counter for she solves problems, even those you didn’t know you had, without rest.

Rochelle-Marié Koen

Financial Accountant

Problem Solver

Faheem leads the customer experience team with a humble heart and familial flair.

Faheem Rutgers

Customer Experience Team Lead

Record Breaker

Why set the bar in the first place when Wayne's always going to raise it.

Wayne Carolus

Business Development Manager

Greased Lightning

Solving customer queries with lightning speed and style is the name of Matsidiso’s game.

Matsidiso Gugushe

Customer Experience Agent

Coding King

Niels knows two great life hacks: the shortcuts to maintainable code and the secret to a quick coffee brew.

NIels Aulman


Gift Of The Gab

Spreading the Pargo Promise across Gauteng to the right people at the right time.

Xoliswa Sikakane

Key Accounts Manager

The Flash

Quick to learn, quick to solve problems, and will make quick work of you at table tennis.

Tyler Christians

Partner Manager


A wicked wordsmith with a proclivity for proper punctuation.

Stephan Basson

Content Creator

Numerate Ninja

Can confidently calculate cryptic equations all while hypnotised by head-bopping beats!

Carel van den Heever

Financial Manager


Phenomenal is the first word that comes to mind when characterising Abongile's customer experience skills.

Abongile Rangana

Outbound Customer Experience Agent

Smooth Sailor

Infused with the stillness of the sea, Ryan brings calmness to chaos with the utmost ease.

Ryan Aspeling

Partner Manager


According to Rhys, perpetual optimism is a force multiplier — a mantra he brings to every project along with his signature smile of course.

Rhys Stevenson

Commercial Project Manager

Clean Finger

Depletes Mr Min in a day and Tupperware warden.

Thuli Samsam

Office Maintenance

Supplier Relationship Superstar

Just needs 5 seconds to build a lifelong relationship with any Pargo partner.

Kamohelo Makoena

Partner Manager

Multimedia Master

Masterfully materialises the creative vision of your wildest imagination in any medium.

Mike Atmore

Multimedia Designer

Pargo Polyglot

There isn’t a problem Cleo can’t solve. As if that isn’t impressive enough, she’ll even do it in the language of your choice.

Cleo Phamoli

Pickup Point Experience Team Lead


Resolute. Dutiful. Unwavering. Doesn't rest till the job is done.

Kathy Wittstock

Customer Experience Agent


Crunching numbers and assisting clients brings sweet music to his ears.

Winston Coerecius

Invoicing Clerk


A slick communicator with a passion for problem solving.

Imran Moosa

Pickup Point Experience Agent


Brings her own brand of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to the customer experience team.

Tsholo Lesejane

Senior Customer Experience Agent


Ensures Pargo's Pickup Points run smoothly and at optimal capacity.

Damien Bonhage - Koen

Pickup Point Experience Agent


Super software engineer by day, covert meme king by night.

Emil Kenguerli

Software Engineer


Petrus Prinsloo the practical pragmatist pioneering at Pargo? I think we're onto something here.

Petrus Prinsloo

Senior Software Engineer

Intergalactic Communicator

From small talk with coders to charming clients, his silver tongue and quick wit ensures the job always gets done.

Justin Keeble

Project Manager

Dynamic Dynamo

Upgrades product to endgame levels of excellence.

Christo Holtshausen

Product Manager


A self-starter with a knack for research who has quickly cracked the code of all Pargo's processes.

Kaedon Williams

Software Engineer


Gets to the root of a problem in mere minutes then paves the way to a solution in seconds.

Chad Davids

Pickup Point Experience Agent

Product Maverick

Strategist. Innovator. Connector. Staying ahead of the curve, connecting the present to the future and people to product fuels his fire.

Darshan Naidoo

Product Manager

Captain Positive

There isn't a problem that can't be solved, a book that can't be balanced or a number that can't be crunched when Captain Positive is about!

Estiaan Schoombie

Finance Manager


A pioneer who's always on the new frontier as she masterminds Pargo's grand expeditions.

Jennifer Clarke

Head of Expansion


Enchants customers by ensuring all Pargo's products are useful, easy to use and delightful to interact with.

Cam Preston

UX Designer


Cracks in code, image dementia, teleportative text, field fibs, you name it — nothing gets past the QA queen.

Natasha Diedericks

QA Analyst


Creates solutions tailored to his clients' needs and exceeds their expectations without fail — the hallmarks of a professional perseverer.

Mark Kreuiter

Business Development Manager


Looking to expand your business, integrate new technology, navigate the C-suite and bring siloed departments together? Sounds like you need a whole team to get the job done - or just an Adam.

Adam Sack

Business Development Manager


This hero continually exceeds all expectations with consistent hard work and an open mind that picks up new skills with the utmost ease no matter how complex they may be.

Yumna Salie

Customer Experience Agent


Where others buckle under the pressure of customer calls, this hero thrives on it! With a level head and eye for smart work, she speeds through tasks with staggering skill.

Mihlali Tshalie

Customer Experience Agent


Nothing can keep this wild cat down. Leaping from strength to strength with puma-like agility, she solves any challenge thrown her way thanks to her seemingly endless set of skills.

Shaunei Gerber

Product Marketing Manager

Wheeler & Dealer

Wherever the wind blows you will always find him characterised by his unique brand of efficiency and diligence. Highly motivated, goal-driven, dynamic, over-achiever, quick-thinker — need we say more?

Sihle Saffa

Customer Experience Agent


Optimises the tech that fuels the Pargo engine allowing us to go to places no other logistics company has gone before.

Devin Smith

Senior DevOps Engineer


Flips flights of fancy from pipeline dreams to tangible, real-life experiences you'll never forget.

Inge Van Der Westhuizen

Pickup Point Experience Manager

Quick Thinker

Gets to the root of a problem in mere minutes then codes up a software solution in record time. It's just as they say, the Devin's in the details.

Devin Norgarb

Senior Software Engineer


They say dynamite comes in small packages and this hero's explosive energy is a true testament to this claim. She's a quick-thinker who tackles any task with the finesse only a real perfectionist can possess.

Kim-lee Gurling

Customer Experience Agent